Social Data for Best and Worse Times to Post on Facebook

Facebook is one of the number one used social media sites for marketing techniques. In her book Book Marketing 101: Marketing Your Book on a Shoestring Budget, Heather Hart says:

“Book marketing should be a planned process, an art if you will.”

While Heather Hart is referring to marketing books, this information can pertain to any type of marketing such as products, a business or any other item.

When marketing you need to have a plan before you begin. If no plan is set in place you are setting yourself up for failure.

By making a marketing plan ahead of time you can increase your chances of success.

One of the great marketing plans is the market through the use of Facebook. However, there are many steps to marketing through Facebook and the first step is to find out how to find your best time to post to Facebook.


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You should first plan out your goals.

The first plan with almost any marketing technique is to figure out what your goals are for your product, business or other venture. According to Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies 2nd Edition, Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare and Andrea Vahl state some simple marketing goals which include:

  • Raising your overall exposure
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Building an engaged and loyal community
  • Listening to your client’s interests, needs and responses
  • Keeping track of what people are talking about in regards to your brand
  • Proceeding with action (usually via sales)

Each one of these goals will help you to reach the outcome that you wish to have for your business.

Although there are many goals to reach the one that is being discussed today is how to find your best time to post on Facebook.

This is a great goal to begin with and is very easy as well.

There are many different times that work great for reaching the highest audience through Facebook marketing. After determining your business’ schedule you can fit in Facebook marketing times.

There are many opinions out there about what the best times are for posting to Facebook for marketing. The best marketing techniques for one type of business or brand may not work for every brand so here we will discuss a few possible options.


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By the Numbers: 123 Amazing Facebook User Statistics by Craig Smith states that 757,000,000 people use Facebook on a daily basis. Based on this number, who could resist marketing their business or brand through Facebook? The Science of Social states that there are prime times to post to Facebook for marketing purposes and those times are the following:

  1. Saturday at 10:00 PM
  2. Saturday at 8:00 PM
  3. Sunday at 7:00 PM

The next best times for Facebook marketing posts are:

      4.  Saturday at 7:00 PM

      5.  Sunday at 6:00 PM

      6.  Friday at 8:00 PM

      7.  Thursday at 7:00 PM

      8.  Sunday at 8:00 PM

      9.  Monday at 8:00 PM

      10. Sunday at 12:00 AM

The Science of Social also states the worst times to post to Facebook as well which include:

  1. Tuesday at 4:00 AM
  2. Tuesday at 3:00 AM
  3. Thursday at 3:00 AM

As you can see the best times to market your business or brand through Facebook are weekend evenings.

The worst times to market your business or brand through Facebook are days in the middle of the week in the early a.m.

There are many reasons for this and one of those is that the majority of business workers are more available to view Facebook on weekend evenings as they are likely to be working all week.

These business workers are less likely to be available in the middle of the week in the early am because they are sleeping so they can rest up for work.

Another example of the best times to post on Facebook for marketing purposes is brought up by Isaac Campbell the lead designer of Fannit. Isaac Campbell states that the best times to post on Facebook include:


Image Credit: PR Web


  • Weekdays 6:00 to 8:00 AM
  • Weekdays 2:00 to 5:00 PM

The worst times for Facebook post marketing include:

  • Weekends 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM

Isaac Campbell says that people are more likely to check their Facebook activity before work every day and they are also more likely to view their Facebook activity after they get out of work. People are less likely to check Facebook during work hours and during the middle of the night.

Weekend nights are less likely to be viewed at the time of the post because people are more likely to view Facebook earlier in the day on the weekends.

However, you can also see that through many different sources the best times to post marketing objectives to Facebook are generally the same during weekend days, mid-week early mornings and evenings.As you can see there are many different times to post on Facebook for marketing purposes. What works best for you may vary based on your business goals and objectives.

Why Should You Care About the Best Times to Post to Facebook?

Business or brand marketing can be a lot of work and that is just one of the reasons why choosing the best times to post to Facebook is important. Danielle Cormier, Social Media Community Manager of Constant Contact, says that some important reasons for caring about the best times to post to Facebook for business marketing are:

  • Your audience may be from different time zones and if they are your best times may vary based on your own time zone.
  • The gender of your audience may change what the best times for your marketing attempts through Facebook posts should be.
  • Your audience may have different daily routines such as a stay-at-home parent, a college student, a middle aged business worker, etc.

While many other sites have optimal peak hours, Danielle Cormier suggests that posting to Facebook during off-peak hours may be the best for your business as during these times you won’t have to compete so much with other businesses or brands that your audience is following.

She recommends you find the times that the majority of your audience will view the posts and combine that time with the time in which increased postings are minimal by other businesses and that may just be the right time for you and your business to market through Facebook.

How Can Facebook Insights Help You and Your Business or Brand?

In addition you can use Facebook Insights to figure out the details about what audience you currently have, where they are from, how they have found your page and much more.

Image Credit: Social Fresh

Image Credit: Social Fresh

Brittany Byers posted on Rocket Media that studying our analytics is one of the best ways to determine our marketing activities for our business or our brand. Through Brittany Byers mind, Facebook Insights allows one to figure out what is working best for their business.

This Facebook technique can allow you to completely dissect your marketing techniques. Facebook Insights have many great features including the following:

  • Where Your Page Likes Came From
  • Hide, Reports as Spam and Unlikes
  • Reports

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Seeing where your Facebook likes came from will help you to determine whether your Facebook likes came from mobile devices, advertisements, page suggestions and much more.

Through Hide, Report as Spam and Unlikes you can see where you might be going wrong through Facebook marketing. This feature can be great because it allows you to see just what kind of marketing through Facebook caused your fans to hide, report or unlike your business.

The Reports feature can allow you to see what times your Facebook page is viewed the most and see what types of post your viewers enjoy the most. With the Reports feature you can also see your viewing audience by age, gender and location as well.

Using Facebook Insights to increase your Facebook marketing attempts can be a great part of improving your business.

The Facebook Insights feature When Your Fans are Online is probably going to be the top way to find out when your audience is online which will give you the best visibility rates of when your posts would be able to make the most impact. Eleventy Group shows how the “When Your Fans are Online” works in the following ways:

  • Lists the times and days that fans of your page visited your Facebook page
  • Allows you to click on certain days to see what the peaks are

While these ways are efficient, it is still necessary to continue creating informational and attractive content.

Why is it Important to Continue Creating Informational and Attractive Content Even After You Find the Best Times to Post to Facebook?


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While this question may be somewhat self-explanatory, it still deserves an answer. Finding the best time for you to post to Facebook isn’t going to magically make your business improvements happen and that isn’t going to be the only technique that needs to be used.

According to Andrew Hutchinson on Social Media Today, creating informational and attractive content is always important no matter what marketing technique you are using. Some content writing tips that Andrew Hutchinson provides include are:

  • The content that you create doesn’t always have to focus directly on your business’ services or the products that you sell.
  • Your content should go along with your businesses or brands’ strategic objectives or plans.
  • Your content should give your viewers new and interesting views on the topics that you are sharing.

Creating informational and attractive content doesn’t always mean that you have to market your products or services that you sell within every post. You can also discuss communication which involves your businesses or brands’ strategic objectives or plans as well.

Remember that you should always bring something new to every post that you share, this way each topic you introduce to your viewers will keep their attention and keep them coming back to your Facebook page to learn more.

In addition, Nils Menton posted on iMarc his five top tips for creating the most informational and attractive content. Those five top tips include:

  • Always create professional content. If you need to hire professional content writers then this will be the best way to go.
  • Figure out who your target and current audience is and what they are looking for.
  • Use great images for every one of your Facebook posts.
  • Create easy to read and easy to understand information.
  • Maintain all of your content.

Professional content is always important. Even if you can find out what the best times to post on Facebook are for your business or brand, your audience won’t continue to come back if you don’t have professional content.

If you have hard time writing, hire professional content writers to complete that part of your marketing for you.

It has been discussed that through the Facebook Insights feature you can see who is viewing your page, who is a fan of your page, and other great marketing information.

Through this information you can compare your target audience with the audience you have. This will help you to figure out whether changes need to be made with your content.

Every Facebook post should have great images. Images attract all genders and all ages from every location. They provide a visual which will help to create more understandable content.

Maintain all of your content. If you continue to create informational and attractive content at the peak times in which you should submit your Facebook posts, you should be able to see a continuation of audience viewers of your business and brand and may see an increase in audience viewers as well.

What Does Your Business and Brand Do From Here?

Facebook is always trying to create new and improved ways for businesses and brands to figure out how to find the best time to post to Facebook. The use of Facebook Insights is only one of the top ways to figure out this information and the use of the internet searches in another way.

What does your business or brand do from here? Follow the above tips that work best for you in regards to the best times to post to Facebook including:

  • Create your business or brand goals so that you know what your marketing attempts should be
  • Posting on early mornings in the weekdays
  • Posting just after work hours (2:00 to 5:00 pm) on weekdays
  • Posting on the weekends
  • Avoid posting during the middle of the night
  • Avoid posting during work hours
  • Figure out your target audience and where they are from as their time zones may be different from yours which will affect your best times to post
  • Use Facebook Insights to determine your current audience and the times they view your business or brand’s Facebook page the most
  • Continuously check into Facebook Insights as your audience will continue to change
  • Always create great content

Each one of the above tips varies based on your business, the field that you are in, how many employees are in your business, how much profit your business is making, your business goals and objectives, and much more.

You are the voice of your business or brand so you know what works best for you.

There are so many resources out there about the best times to post to Facebook pages for the best marketing purposes. While every expert believes that they know the best for every business or brand, not every business has the same audience or the same goals.

Due to this notation, not every expert can be right on the best times to post to Facebook.

Following your Facebook Insights page will help you best determine when your audience is active on your business or brand Facebook page.

Remember, just because you find the highest peaks of audience viewings on your Facebook brand page doesn’t mean that you can’t post to your Facebook brand page at other times as well. It is just a generality to post during peak times of audience viewings.


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As long as your business or brand continues to follow the above dos and don’ts in regards to figuring out how to find your best time to post on Facebook, you will see a change in marketing techniques and audience numbers to your Facebook page.

Just remember not everything works the same for every business so find out what works for you and stick with it.

Continue to check on your audience statistics based on your best times to post to Facebook and adjust your times as needed. Facebook marketing for businesses and brands has been around for a little while so continuing on with this trend isn’t a bad idea.

Billions of people use Facebook around the world so you aren’t going to be losing out by using Facebook as a marketing tool.

Use your own knowledge of your business or brand in combination with the above tips to decide what your best times to post on Facebook are going to be.

10 Amazing Pinterest Tools To Boost Up Your Business

Social sharing is easier. Here you don’t need to carry your product or brochure door to door for the sake of publicity.

A link is enough to get your job done. Sharing on social media spread like wildfires. Viral videos, tweets and pins are shared faster and more effectively.

Sharing networks also allows others to find out what taste the sender has. So once you are successful with your one sharing, chances are high that your followers will keep their eyes on you to see your next share.

This could be your major weapon to boost up your business.

Why Pinterest?

Top 10 Most Popular Social Networks 2013

Although Pinterest is in the 4th position amongst social networking sites, Pinterest’s average orders exceeds every social networking site.

Top 10 Most Popular Social Networks 2013 shows that Facebook is getting 750M visits per month while Pinterest gets only 85.5M. But on an average, holiday shoppers referred from Pinterest on Black Friday spent 77 percent more per order than shoppers referred from Facebook.

During this Black Friday (November 29, 2013), Facebook users average order value was $52.30 compared to $92.51 from Pinterest users. So Pinterest has the actual potential to boost up your sales.

Pinterest Helps you in Capturing Share

As the sales potential here is really high, more than 60% of major brands already have Pinterest accounts.  These brands are taking the full advantage of Pinterest to capture more market share.

Small businesses should also include Pinterest in their marketing strategy to capture more shares. In marketing, there are three types of share. You can boost up every type of share using Pinterest. Here we will discuss the effect of Pinterest on each types of share.

The 3 major types of Share are-

1.     Share of market

2.     Share of Mind and

3.     Share of Heart

Now, Share of market is the competitors’ share of the target market. As your sales go up, your share of market will increase gradually. So to increase share of market, you need to boost up your sales. Pinterest does that. Here is how to calculate your Market Share –

Share of market

I have already discussed above how Pinterest’s average order exceeds other social networking sites.

This way one can boost up his sales using Pinterest and capture more market share. But this is a long term process. Increasing Mind Share and Heart share is easier than that of Market share. If you can increase these two shares, Share of Market will automatically increase.

Share of Mind is the first name which comes to mind when a customer is asked an unprompted question about a category.  For instance if you are asked to name a retail shop, you may answer “Wal-Mart”. This means it has your mind share.

According to Developer Economics Report, the mind share of different operators in 2013 are:

Share of Mind

The more you share your brand name or your products in Pinterest, the more mind share you will be able to capture. Mind share is nothing but the “Brand” one sees the most. So you can easily increase mind share by pinning and repining your product.

Share of Heart is what you are going to buy. Heart share is calculated by the percentage of consumers who identified the competitor when responding to a question –“name a company from whom you would prefer to buy a product”.

For instance, you named Wal-Mart when you are asked to name a brand but you are buying from Target. So Target has your Heart share. By pinning and repining your product regularly, you can easily capture more share of Heart.

Well, you cannot increase any of these shares by using Pinterest alone. You have to know when to make which move in order to get the best out of Pinterest. The top 10 Pinterest tool will help you in making the right move.

Enough of chit-chat. Now it’s time to reveal Top 10 Pinterest tools to boost up your business.

Let’s get started!

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The Birth of an Idea and Starting it Lean

Can’t say I am new to social or even web apps.  I have been building web apps since I got introduced to the awesome Joomla and lean structured wordpress back around 2004/05/06. My journey with these Content Management Systems grew from building websites or blogs to customizing design into developing whilst coding.

Joomla has extensions and wordpress has plugins.  The community vibe around these CMS’s was and still is awesome.

I stumbled upon an extension that was faulty and just would not work.  It allowed content to be shared on social bookmarking sites which were the hot web 2.0 feature prior to the advent of social networking sites.

I employed a developer over at to fix the extension and made it live to the community under the title of socioclick.  Who would imagine that in its life time it would be downloaded over 100,000.

I decided to create a premium version that would have more features to it, further under the socioclick brand I released another 5 extensions for Joomla. Both free and paid premium versions.

Alongside a Canadian developer I was part of that team which created the Smooth Gallery Plugin for Joomla.  The website that hosted it was called and would receive 60,000 unique visitors in 2006.

A string of successes and failures led me to create plugins for WordPress as well, these included the Auction Ads plugin.

Auction Ads Plugin for ended up endorsed by Jeremy Shoemoney before he sold it onto mediawhizz which boosted over 25,000 publishers, displaying 300+ million AuctionAds per day.

Recently I worked on a Google Android App that has received just shy of 200,000 downloads and should break that barrier by January 2014.

I am in the process of having a new one created for Android and iPhone, all the creative has been passed onto the developer to start working, there is a small hiccup with which should be resolved soon and the business as usual.

I am no expert website developer, but have worked alongside the likes of Shane Cassells, the resident online conversion expert for Google on a project.

An important factor of any website it to focus on conversion.  Conversion is to simply get a visitor to a website to take action.

One action that has been spurred on with the advent of Social Media is social sharing.   How can a site capture the attention of a visitor that compels them to share its content across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

Upon detailed attention of many websites I noticed that they were doing something fundamentally wrong, it compelled me to attempt to do something about it when charity websites that exerted so much effort wanted to generate traffic and donations from social media were getting it wrong.

Whilst visiting the WaterAid website and attempting to share the site to my social media accounts I am presented with the following:

wateraid example

  1. The thumbnail image that is shared is broken
  2. The url is confusing
  3. The description is not compelling and has an additional word on the end of the sentence making is gargled.

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10 Easiest Ways to Make Your Content More Visual

visual impression

image source:

Why should you go visual? Well, better to ask “why should not you go visual”? Visual content is hot. All of us love to see visual contents.

Our brains really, really love images. Think about Facebook. Compare the number of likes and comments a picture gets versus a wordy status gets.

We love to watch rather than read. Research showed that if text is accompanied by image, rate of retention increases by 40%.

Creating visual content is extremely important for marketing . Images can capture the attention of readers faster than texts can. Once the reader reads an article, it hardly lasts longer in their mind. But if the article comes up with a nice and informative image, the message sticks in the mind longer.

To make the message more persuasive, texts can be added to the image. This will help the reader to keep the message longer. Pinterest now gets more traffic than the combined traffic of Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

A study conducted by Harvard School of Business estimates that 70% of all activities on Facebook whirls around Images. And compared to other posts, Images on Facebook gets 5X more engagement.

Enough of chit chat. Now it’s time to reveal the 10 easiest ways to make your content more visual.Continue reading…

4 Steps to Become an Exceptional Blogger


Image provided by sfoxwriting


The key to become an exceptional blogger is finding out your potential. Unless you point out your potential, it is extremely hard to write exceptional blogs. If you don’t know much about gadgets, don’t expect to become a leading gadget blogger.

You have to understand what you are good at and then you have to funnel your inner qualities through your blog.

Nothing comes for free of cost. If you need something exceptional, you have to become exceptional. Writing topics without much knowledge will not help you rock the boat.

Time is precious. No one will waste time reading useless stuffs. So unless you have exceptional talents, you should not write on any particular topic.

But it is not necessary to have innate talents for becoming an exceptional blogger. You can master the art of blogging by following a few tips and tricks.

No more wise words. Now we will talk about the essential steps that will make you an exceptional blogger.

1.  Be Exceptionally Useful

The first thing you need to ensure is you are writing useful contents. People will hardly read any useless content. You have to be exceptionally useful in this case. This is how you compete with other bloggers. The more useful your content is, the more it will be shared.

While writing on any topic, you have to keep no one but your target audience in your mind. They are the ultimate end users of your contents. You should only write what appeal your readers, not you.

Solution Ball

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Bloggers often write about topics that appeal them. You should not write on such topics which appeal you but not your reader. To write such topics, you have your diary, right?

Don’t care about your taste, your hopes, and your aspirations. Just think about your readers. What do they want? What their problems are? How can you help them out?

Convert your content into resource , not wastage. Create an extremely helpful content that includes tips, links and guidelines for your readers. Be PRACTICAL!

The solution alone is not enough. You have to give your readers a proper guideline to use the solution. You should try to attract readers through writing exceptionally good contents.

Once you decide on the topic that will be useful for your readers, you are done with the first step towards becoming an exceptional blogger.

2. Pay Attention To Your Headlines

Always write down the headline first. It will help your mind gathering more data. A blogger should never write vaguely. He should only proceed when he has written down the headline. Therefore, a great headline is essential to attract the target readers.

If you keep on writing without headline, you will lose focus on the main point of your content. It is extremely important for you to keep the main point of your post in mind. Headline helps you keep focused.


Image Source:

Do you know which words of your post are the most important? No matter how big you are going to write, those few words from your headline will always be the most important words.

Because, no one wastes their time reading the full article if the headline does not please him. So you have to master the art of writing exceptional blog titles.

Even if you write an extremely useful blog, 95% of organic readers won’t read it if the headline doesn’t attract them. Ask yourself- would you ever read an article with a vague and weird headline? You won’t.

Again, people can’t see your article first. All they see is your headlines. So once the headlines appeals the readers, your blog traffic will automatically increase. For this reason you have to decide a very catchy headline. Or else you will lose your readers.

3.  Make Your Content Easily Scannable

Time is extremely precious, as I have already said before. Most of your potential readers cannot give much time for reading your posts. So you have to
ensure that your post is easily scannable.

Talking from my personal experience, I am an extremely restless reader so I never read a full article but scan them. I believe it’s not just my story but
this is the story of a massive number of readers.

Most of your readers will give only 5-10 seconds for your article. They will continue reading if they find anything useful after scanning that. I do the same. No wonder most of us do the same.

make content scannable

Image source:

Even if you write a catchy headline, propose a total solution for what your target audience is dying for; you can still lose most of the potential readers if your content is not scannable.

Value your readers’ time . They are immensely busy people. They will never give time to such articles which are hardly scannable.

On an average it takes 1 minute for a person to read 200 words. This way it will take 15 minutes to read an average blog of 3000 words. So your respectable reader will never give 15 minutes to your article unless he finds it extremely useful worth reading.

Never make your reader dig through the whole article . No one keeps reading paragraph after paragraph just to know if your article has something exceptional to offer.

4.  Keep it Simple

Keep it simple

Image Source:

You are writing for your end readers, not for yourself. For this reason, you have to keep in mind that not everybody’s ability to understand is the same. Here, simplicity is the key to your success.

If you have properly followed step 1, step 2 and step 3 but not step four, your blog can easily turn into a super flop project. Because no
matter how good you write, if your reader doesn’t understand your critical language, they will stop reading your pieces.

So keep your posts as simple as you can. Once a reader starts reading, he wants to finish the reading without much work. So he will never read an article if he finds it too tough to understand.

Write in your natural flow. Some blogger believe that the more hard-to-understand words they use, the more stylish their blogs get- which is nothing but a MYTH. Keep your contents more conversational without being too wordy.

Assume your readers to be your friend and start a conversation through your post. This way your readers will enjoy the conversation and the simplicity of your writing will make them keep reading.

So, the ultimate key to your success: SIMPLICITY. Follow these simple 4 steps. Your readers will not only read your blogs, but also stick around you for more posts and will gradually become your loyal readers.